An Amazing Dining Chair Design to Get Inspired by

Are you looking for an exclusive design dining chair? Today we are going to take a look at a dining chair that contains a lot of background thinking. Following the leads of success obtained in the Pagan Chair, the creative minds of Material Lust decided to craft another refined geometrical ritualistic themed chair, the Vanishing Twin Chair.


An Amazing Dining Chair Design to Get Inspired by

The masterminds behind this chair are Lauren Larson and Christian Swafford. They claim to focus their work on a line between design an art, confessing that they are artists masquerading as designers.


An Amazing Dining Chair Design to Get Inspired by

This chair is a piece that creates a ritual seating arrangement, it works as an interactive component of something larger than itself.


An Amazing Dining Chair Design to Get Inspired by

The concept that lies behind the Vanishing Twin is to raise one question. Twin means that there were at least two. This Twin is the younger brother of the previously released Pagan Chair.


The Vanishing Twin Chair is the latest addition in the ‘Geometry is God’ series. This series was inspired by the most recurring and recognizable symbol of Pagan and Alchemical symbolism – the pentagram.


The pointy and sharp edges of the chair enhance the perilous aura it emits.



In terms of functionality, this chair is both appealing and defying. The artistic innovative design doesn’t remove the core aspects of a chair.


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Observing the Vanishing Twin from several perspectives is a challenging quest.


Several chairs can create a dynamic eye-fulfilling experience.


In this picture, we can see the previous project – the Pagan Chair. A truly unique design yet as intriguing as the Vanishing Chair. A set of Vanishing Chairs can be a fine addition to your dining table, creating a geometrical perspective.


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