Top 25 Modern Dining Tables

Whether you use your dining room every day or only on holidays, we share with you top 25 modern dining tables that make it easy to create a space that’s chic and family-friendly. Explore our selection and get inspired by these unique dining table designs for the way you live.

modern dining tables

The Newton dining table from Boca do Lobo is a wonderful statement piece for your dining set.

modern dining tables

The Stunning Metamorphosis dining table by Boca do Lobo.

modern dining tables

Patch Dining Table by Boca do Lobo.

modern dining tables

Gallotti & Radice Raj and Raj Light Table in Transparent Glass and Chrome.

modern dining tables

Galllotti and Radice Layer Table in Wood and Glass

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modern dining tables

The inspiration for this table came from observing the gigantic iron chains which are used for tying up the enormous container ships or transatlantic cruisers.

modern dining tables

A little black spider is crawling slowly and tired on an endless road of dark wood. All of a sudden it holds motionless as if to rest. There is a cold and alien light shining on the little spider projecting its shadow, paradoxically gigantic and monstrous, on to the surface of the table. The fascinating projection of the spider’s shadow gave the inspiration for this table.

modern dining tables

James de Wulf has worked for over five years with gravity joints inspired by the work of Angelo Mangiarotti. The top and base lock together with gravity alone. There is no hidden attachment or support. Amazing!

modern dining tables

The juxtapositioning of charismatic marbles including Persian gold, Verde Guatemala, red wine and black and gold picks up another of Bohinc’s central inspirations for this dining Table.

modern dining tables

Contemporary Black and Gold “Lily” Dining Table by Alex Drew and No One.

Dining Table in Glass, Burnished Brass, Copper and Rust.

The voluptuous Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid is an uninterrupted whole, a curious and curvaceous form that invites viewers to engage with it. Standing as an impressive centerpiece it delivers a stylish focal point.  This design is challenging, daring and the work of one of the greatest talents the contemporary design industry has known.

Tavola 9 from Costantini with Cast Bronze and Argentine Rosewood Base, Custom

Stepp Dining Table by Emmanuel Babled

Inspired by the dynamics of a musical movement, Capriccion Dining Table has a unique and irregular shape. Crystal and metal tube are the natural selection for the most suitable materials to create this unique table.

Etnastone Dining Table by Emmanuel Babled

European Modern Brass and Black Marble Round Amber Dining Table

Limited Edition Dining Table by Thierry Dreyfus, Walnut or Black Lacquer

T Table.

Agave Dining Table by Luteca

The Ghost Collection emphasizes precision and restraint in minimal, geometric pieces cast entirely in cement. Working in a new technique – working with a robotic arm – to create large-scale, heavy, and perfect pieces that emulate the gravity of nature with the softness of carved cement. The Dining Table represents one of three pieces from the Ghost Collection.

This Tortion table is part of The Mats Christéen collection for Foundrywood, which offers unconstrained and very limited edition pieces meticulously handcrafted by Mats himself.

Eva Round Table Bronze and Solid Ebony Top

Joris Laarman, Dining Table, Resin, Steel, Aluminum

Delaunay Steel Dining Table by Craig Van Den Brulle

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