A Modern Adaptable Dining Table

The Dining Table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our house. In the rush of the quotidian, either we are eating or we are working, or our kids are doing their homework on the table. We are constantly going back and forth between various needs from this table, thus nothing can be more practical than an adaptable dining table. Most tables are not designed for more than one purpose, the “Table for Two” however, designed by Daniel Liss, combines multiple functions into one single table. Take a look into this amazing multipurpose and adaptable dining table.

This table is perfect to work, with the division in the middle you can focus on your own work and you wont be distracted by your partners own work.

As you can see, form this perspective, it seems like you have a table just for yourself. You can concentrate 100% in what you are doing and this will make you much more efficient.

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Besides being an amazing table for work, as we said already above, this is an adaptable dining table, which means that it is also an amazing table for dinner for two. After finishing your work, just put down the table division, and enjoy the most perfect dinner.

You can get even more surprised: this genius adaptable dining table is not only good for dinner for two people, you can also invite your friends over and have a lot of fun around the dining table.

As you can see here, this adaptable dining table is actually very spacious and it can fit a lot of people for dinner.

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Did you think it was over? If so, you were wrong. There’s even more to this amazing adaptable dining table. As you can see in the image above, this table also has a drawer where you can keep your working materials. So basically, when you need a work space, you flip the lid up to create a divider between two stations, and when you finish you can keep your work materials easily in the dining table‘s drawer and fold the lids down to have a large surface for dinner.

Another perspective of this adaptable dining table. As you can see, it seems like a private/individual table for work.

adaptable dining table

In this image you can see most of the functionalities of this adaptable dining table. This is definitely a perfect dining table ready for the modern times.

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