Go Green: 10 Ideas For An Eco-friendly Dining Room

Each day we realize more and more how much we are affecting the environment with our modern lifestyle. In general, people are getting worried and many people are trying to create awareness about this issue around the world. Even though, this is something which can only be solved as a global action, every individual can make a little difference. Here you can find some amazing examples of Eco-friendly dining rooms. Get inspired.

This is a very extravagant example of an Eco-friendly dining room. The entire dining room area was created environmentally consciously. It has an amazing rustic look and it gives a very peaceful feeling.

eco-friendly dining room

This beautiful Eco-friendly dining room belongs to a super elegant and green state in Tuscany, Italy. The house matches the location perfectly.

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This Eco-friendly dining room is part of a complete green house located on Citrus Avenue in West Hollywood. The house incorporates an indoor/outdoor, open-concept layout.

This is another incredible example of an Eco-friendly dining room. This time the dining room area is outside but the design of the green and reused pieces of furniture is just outstanding.

This Eco-friendly dining room is located in a home in Chicago, which belongs to a set of modest and environmentally conscious row homes in the same location.

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This dining room set is all made with Tentai bamboo and it is a 100% Eco-friendly. This kind of wood looks perfect specially if you have big windows with a lot of green plants.

Here there is another example of an Eco-friendly dining room using bamboo furniture because it is simply a great idea. The ambiance of the dining room area is very relaxing and peaceful.

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Another beautiful dining room design all with 100% Eco-friendly furniture. This is the prove that you can go green and also very modern and stylish.

This New York City loft gets an addition and an Eco-friendly renovation that incorporated a number of health-conscious systems and sustainable materials.

Finally, for those who are more bold: here it is an unique and very creative 100% Eco-friendly dining table. This will make you feel like you are having a picnic everyday.

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