Tips To Add Glam To Your Dining Room

Today Modern Dining Tables presents you tips and pieces to add a glam touch to your dining room.

The Glamour decor trend is reminiscent of Hollywood and its silver screen starlets. This look can be easily incorporated into any decor. There are lots of ideas to offer up, so we present you some tips and pieces to incorporate a little luxury into your life.


Chandeliers are the new trend now. Depending on each person’s personal style, you can choose a classic in crystal or whimsical with gems, birds or flowers. The choices are endless! The amazing Nimph Chandelier by Koket symbolizes the innocent drama of a whimsical butterfly through the enchanted journey of life.

The Ibis Dining Chair by Brabbu was inspired by beautiful birds, known for their long slim legs, with all the refinement of velvet in a unique upholstery piece.

An expressive design inspired in jazz music, Galliano suspension fixture has a sculptural shape and it’s versatile and yet contemporary. An extremely balanced design which gets even more beautiful when you see light being casted thought its pipes.

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Earthy elements, like bamboo, don’t work when it comes to creating glam. Heavy metals have a reflective quality, whether it’s silver, gold, copper or brass. The Fortuna Dining Table by Boca do Lobo is one of a kind design aesthetic and passion for gold.

Ella suspension is a design masterpiece; with its sober lines, it has surpassed the test of time. A style icon of the fifties and sixties suitable for any living room or dining room.


This amazing mirrored Lapiaz Console by Boca do Lobo is a great idea of a mirrored console.

Characterized by the rhythmic composition of its elements, reduced shapes, clean lines and lots of black, Ike suspension fixture truly embodies what a Delightfull piece is -an elegant look full of refinement and modernity.


dining room

The Vivre Chandelier and the Enchanted Dining Table by Koket combine perfectly, giving all the glamor a dining room needs. The Vivre offers exquisite vintage details with a decidedly modern profile. The dark neutral tones and the exquisite patterns in the agate stones are uniquely captivating against the light and the gold metal which embraces each stone in perfect harmony and balance.


Add glamor to your dining room with these amazing tips and furniture!

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