Gray and Yellow: Stylish Color Duo for your Dining Room

The trend of combining cheerful hues with the neutral delightful of gray is estimated to continue on the top of the trends chart in 2017. While there are loads of daring hues that can be effortlessly mingled with gray, yellow has surfaced as the utter chosen in dining rooms amongst homeowners in the previous seasons.

Gray in the dining room is idyllic for generating a peaceful, refined and hip backdrop that consents a relaxed switch between accent hues without much hassle. Since the shade works with nearly any style, theme, and secondary hue, it is perfect for individuals who are not assured about their decorating talents. Combine it with yellow and you have a joyful improvement that seems both spontaneous and elegant.

Today we take this neat color duo into the dining room as we showcase 7 of the very best that embrace this classy combo.



Bright yellow drapes make a bold statement in the all gray dining room. For those with color commitment concerns, this is the easiest way forward.



If you already have a gray dining room, then complementing pops of yellow to brighten the room is pretty easygoing, and often the best way to get this done is by purely using a few outstanding yellow chairs.



Refined contemporary gray dining space with a dash of yellow.


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Retractable skylight brings natural ventilation into the smart dining space. These yellow chairs can bring the required blow to the dining room.



Tom Dixon pendant lights add a copper glint to the gray and yellow dining room.



Wallpaper adds yellow while the dining table chairs bring a touch of bluish-gray to the dining room.  While a gray setting combined with a splash of yellow is the prevalent way in most dining spaces, take an unusual approach to this color blend by choosing a charming yellow backdrop where gray plays second fiddle to it’s braver equal.


dining room

Another flashy way to bring yellow into the dining room is by using drapes and rugs. In this cheerful room, yellow plays the lead role.


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