10 Superb Victorian Dining Rooms 

Victorian as a design and architectural style is wide and filled with inspirations of diverse time periods. Add to this the disparity carried in by local architectural elements being merged with this sophisticated style, and you have numerous varieties of this style. The current trend is to combine modern aesthetics with Victorian hints to form a unified union of different periods.

The term “Victorian style” refers to the styles that appeared in the period concerning 1830 and 1910, throughout the govern of Queen Victoria. The Victorian era initiated numerous well-known styles, including Gothic revival, Italianate, Second Empire, Queen Anne and Romanesque style.

This style is developed mainly from the impressive, extravagant Gothic style, which appealed to the romantic Victorian idea that fashion, architecture, and furnishings should be stunning rather than practical. A shared mental image of this style looks much like a dollhouse with sumptuous trim and bright colors.

Here are 10 amazing Victorian Dining Rooms full of color and character.


An air of historic elegance and tradition prevails in this dining room. Red combined with black is an eternal showstopper that works even in these prosperous setting, from seductive scarlet to captivating fuchsia to find the ideal hue for your home.


Antique rug, floral drapes and beautiful red walls bring the dining room alive.


Bright fuchsia on the wall coupled with black on the ceiling in a sensational fashion. The walls, décor, accessories and drapes in red come together to create a richer and more appealing setting.


Charming dining room brings Hollywood Regency glam to a Victorian setting. One element that is mutual in all these dining rooms is the manifestation of a glowing, golden glint. Gold-tinted décor and warm metallic tones are a complete must for these extravagant dining rooms, and all from vintage frames, curtains and the dining table to decorative molding and mirror frames play into the larger, superb picture.


Custom Gracie Studio Wallcovering is the showstopper in this elegant room. The amazing vintage wall art, rare oil paintings and even custom wallcoverings ushering in all the contrast you need.


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This exquisite Victorian dining room offers timeless class and elegance.


French classic and Victorian styles rolled into one in this gorgeous dining room in blue. It’s the walls that bring much of the color, and if red and gold do not seem alluring enough, then it is time you toned down the ‘richness’ just a bit and turned to blue. Even the liveliest shade of blue makes a more relaxing dining room when compared to red, and the walls can still seem uniformly engaging with stylish molding.


Give your Victorian dining room an entrance that matches the grandeur of the interior. A sparkling chandelier is a crucial element that one must never overlook. It is the chandelier united with lower lighting and a few skillfully placed candles that bring out the true splendor of a perfectly created and colorful space.


Gold and purple is the perfect color duo for the regal dining room.


Gold never disappoints in the glitzy dining space. Gold as a color can accentuate the right features, anchor the room and also give it a glittering, glamorous sheen that makes it truly one-of-a-kind.


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